Acadmic Programs - Technical Diplomas

Technical Diploma in Computer Engineering

Admission conditions:

Duration of the Study:

Awarded Degree:

Semester 1

CourseHouresCourse Code
Calculus (Differentiation)3(2+2)MAD112
Arabic Language (Language Skills)2ETD110
English(Study Skills)2(2+0)ETD111
Sources of Islamic Knowledge2UIS22
Algebra and Complex Variables3(2+2)DFE116
Electric Circuits3(2+3)EED111
Basics of Computer3(4+1)UCS13

Semester 2

CourseHouresCourse Code
English(Language Practice)2(2+0)ETD121
Algorithms and Data Structure3(2+3)CSD121
Electric Circuits Analysis3(2+3)EED123
Digital Logic Design3(2+3)EED122
Calculus (Integration)3(2+2)MAD121

Semester 3

CourseHouresCourse Code
Fundamentals of Computer Maintenance3 (2+3)CMD212

Semester 4

CourseHouresCourse Code

Semester 5

CourseHouresCourse Code

Semester 6

CourseHouresCourse Code

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