Acadmic Programs - Postgraduate

Master of Science in Chemistry

Admission conditions:

Applicants must be enrolled in the Master of Science in Chemistry program with a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Chemistry or similar majors.

Duration of the Study:

The duration of study in this program shall be according to the academic regulations for postgraduate studies for the year 2010.

Awarded Degree:

Master of Science in Chemistry

Semester 1

CourseHouresCourse Code
Inorganic Chemistry(1)3CHM211
Analytical Chemistry(1)3CHM222
Organic Chemistry3CHM121

Semester 2

CourseHouresCourse Code
Organic Chemistry(2)3 
Inorganic Chemistry(2)3 
Physical Chemistry(2)3 
Analytical Chemistry(2)3 
Research Merhodology1 

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