Acadmic Programs - Postgraduate

Master of Science in Electronics Engineering

Admission conditions:

Duration of the Study:

Awarded Degree:

Fields of Research:
- Digital Signal Processing
- Digital Image Processing
- Medical Informatics
- Health Technology Assessment
- Modeling of Biological Systems
- Bioinformatics
- Tissue Engineering
- Nano Technology
- Biomechanics and Rehabilitation

Semester 1

CourseHouresCourse Code
Solid-State Circuits3 
Power Electronics3 
Integrated Microelectronic Devices3 
Compound Semiconductor Devices3 
Data Communication Networks3 

Semester 2

CourseHouresCourse Code
Advanced Circuits Techniques3 
Analysis and Design of Digital Integrated Circuits3 
Semiconductor Manufacturing3 
High Speed Communication Circuits3 
Computer Networks3 

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