Acadmic Programs - Undergraduate

B.Sc.(Honors) in Medical Engineering

Admission conditions:

Duration of the Study:

Awarded Degree:

Semester 1

CourseHouresCourse Code
General Chemistry3CHM111
General Physics3DFE115
Arabic Language (Language Skills)2UAR10
Basics of Computer3UCS13
Sources of Islamic Knowledge2UIS22
English(Introductory Skills)2UEN11
Sudanese Studies2(2+0)USS14

Semester 2

CourseHouresCourse Code
English(Language in Use)2UEN21
Fundamentals of Algorithms and Programming3CSC121
Electricity and Magnetism3ELE120
Engineering Drawing3ENG121
Engineering Algebra3MAT121
Arabic Language ( Writing and Arts of Expression)2UAR20
Targets of Islamic Sharria2UIS21

Semester 3

CourseHouresCourse Code
English( Register in Focus)2UEN31
Electrical Circuits Analysis(1)3ELE211
Principles of Mechanical Engineering2ENG213
Complex Analysis3MAT211
Differential Equations3MAT212
Applied Statistics3MAT213
Arabic Language (Applied Texts) 2UAR40

Semester 4

CourseHouresCourse Code
English (Professional Skills)2UEN41
Fundamentals of Electronics3ELE221
Digital Circuits(1)3ELE222
Mechanical Engineering Workshops2ENG221
Engineering Mathematics3MAT221
Anatomy and Human Organ Physiology3MEE221
Principles of Biochemistry3MEE222
Electrical Circuits Analysis(2)3ELE223

Semester 5

CourseHouresCourse Code
Signals and Systems3ELE311
Electronic Circuits(1)3ELE312
Digital Circuits(2)3ELE313
Electromagnetic Theory2ELE314
Electronic Drawing2ELE315
Numerical Analysis3MAT312
Measurements and Instrumentation 2 ENG211
Biomaterials and Biomechanics3MEE321

Semester 6

CourseHouresCourse Code
Sensors and Electronic Measurements3ELE322
Electronic Circuits(2)3ELE321
Nano Technology in Electronics2ELE324
Mathematical Methods2ELE325
Control Systems(1)3ELE326
Industrial Safety and Environment Protection2ENG321
Nuclear Physics2MEE321

Semester 7

CourseHouresCourse Code
Control Systems(2)3ELE416
Biosignals Measuring and Monitoring Instruments3MEE411
Ionized Radiation Imaging Systems2MEE412
Industrial Training(1)2 ELE411
Electronic Design2ELE412
Power Electronics3ELE413
Advanced Digital Circuits Design3ELE414
Digital Signal Processing3ELE415

Semester 8

CourseHouresCourse Code
Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems3ELE421
Embedded Systems3ELE422
Engineering Economy2ENG421
Research Methods2ENG322
Medical Laboratory Equipment2MEE421
Stochastic Processes in Medical Engineering2MEE422
Non-ionized Radiation Imaging Systems2MEE423
Modeling and Simulation of Physiological Systems3MEE424

Semester 9

CourseHouresCourse Code
Industrial Training(2)2ELE511
Instrument Design2ELE512
Graduation Project (1)2ELE598
Industrial Management3ENG511
Optimization in Medical Engineering2MEE512
Medical Image Processing2MEE513

Semester 10

CourseHouresCourse Code
Graduation Project(2)4ELE599
Medical Instrumentation3MEE521
Artificial Organs and Robot3MEE522
Hospital Engineering2MEE524

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