About The Faculty - Goals

1. Preparing and bringing up a generation of highly competent graduates in Engineering and Technology, through the provision of accredited, high quality programs that promote creativity, entrepreneurial skills and respond to the life needs, rapid world changes, and future challenges.
2. Providing state - of - the - art facilities, laboratories and other infrastructure commensurate with the need of delivering quality education and research services.
3. Developing and offering opportunities, and ensure regular skill, and Up-gradating of faculty through strategic plans and well structured training programmes.
4. Conducting cutting edge Engineering and technology research and development in targeted areas
5. Initiating, developing, and maintaining relations and links with other national and global institutions and stakeholders for mutual benefits
6. Developing close interaction among industry, faculty and students to enhance the learning process and career opportunities for students.
7. Offering consultancy and outreach services in areas of Engineering and Technology, to the local community, notational industry, and international institutions.
8. Strengthening the faculty contribution through and utilizing the resources by leveraging inter–departmental capabilities, and maintaining network of alumni.
9. Achieving excellence in learning, research, and innovation through continual improvement in both content and delivery of the academic programmes.

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