college Council

The faculty council is responsible for the following: 1. Supervising the academic work in the college. 2. Recommending the approval of scientific and research programs provided by the College. 3. Issuing regulations that do not conflict with the university regulations and regulations. 4. Promoting academic performance in the college. 5. Any other functions conferred upon him by the laws and regulations of the University.


University Director Chairman
Dean of the College Alternate Chairman
Dean of Scientific Affairs Member
Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Member
Deputy Dean of the Faculty Member
Heads of Department Member
Representatives of staff members in departments Member
Faculty members with the rank of professor Member
Director of Information Technology at the University Member
Director of Information Center in the Gezira State Member
Five members selected by the Dean of the College and appointed by the Rector Member
Registration and Examinations Officer Member - and Rapporteur

Council of Section Heads


Dean of the Faculty Chairman
Deputy Dean of the Faculty Alternate Chairman
Head of Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Technology Member
Head of Electronics Engineering Member
Head of Food Engineering and Technology Member
Head of Computer Engineering Department Member
Head of Civil Engineering Department Member
Head of quality unit Member
Coordinator of Industrial Training at the College Member
Coordinator of Joint Courses Member
Director of Mahmoud Sharif Center Member
Coordinator of Graduate Studies Member

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