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TQM is one of the most modern approaches in the business. The industrial establishments in developed countries have witnessed widespread application of this approach and have benefited from it in improving its market and competitive position, increasing profits and increasing performance. Which has already been witnessed by industrial enterprises in the West, and among the service facilities that have seen the application of TQM in the West institutions of higher education from universities and colleges. Quality in education is one of the vital issues in the modern education system. Higher education institutions in most countries around the world have adopted a quality curve and approach to work. The curricula and educational programs that have been applied to improve the quality of education in the past have shown limited improvement in academic performance in schools and universities , But the quality of education remains a controversial subject, as the educational system in many of these countries does not adequately prepare students for the labor market, nor does it give them the opportunity to highlight their creations


"The aim of the study was to identify the indicators of TQM from the point of view of postgraduate studies in the light of some variables. The aim was to find out if there were statistically significant differences in the grade of the sample of the study towards TQM indicators at the university ""

Total Quality Unit


""The higher education sector is witnessing great interest in most countries of the world and at all levels. Reforms in this important sector have also been given special attention because of its great importance in contributing to the development of society and its advancement for the better, Appear in human societies. ""

Total Quality Unit

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