Training and development Unit Department

The human is the basis of the production process, it needs to renew and develop, and this comes by providing it with modern means that increase performance and weight of skills. If the institution seeks in general to achieve its goal and activities through proper performance, this performance only comes through training if it’s based on the basis of proper planning and systematic implementation and continuous monitoring.

  1. • Dissemination of culture of training and development within the faculty
  2. • The employment of modern technologies in the field of developing the capabilities of faculty members
  3. • Reference rate after the training effect.
  4. • Sharing capabilities and skills of faculty members among them self for the benefit of the teach process.
  5. • Inventory of training needs for employees the deanships.
  6. • Work on the implementation of specialized courses for employee of the deanship to raise efficiency in the specialty.


"Discrimination in the provision of training courses and contributes effectively to the development of the capacities of the employees of the faculty."

Training and development Unit


"Training of all employees of the faculty to improve the educational and administrative performance and career at the individual level, and faculty and university ."

Training and development Unit

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