Food engineering and technology Department

The department was started as a program of sugar technology and food with the starting of the University of Gezira in 9th of November 1975, and the study was began at 1978 as a program of one of the programs of the faculty of science and technology (Faculty of science and Engineering, recently) following the steps of university goals and fulfilling the vision of the faculty which look forward to promote the technology and the applied sciences and utilize them to serve the development purposes and develop it in order to be the basis of the industrial progress which adopting the utilization of natural Sudanese resource firstly. Hence the university council issued a statement, due to it, the program transformed to department of food science and technology including two specializations (food technology and food science). In 1988 the department awarding a degree of B.Sc. (Honors) in Food Engineering Technology, this program (Food Engineering Technology) considered the first one in the country and its syllabus graduates qualified technologist engineers able to deal with modern technology in different fields of food industry and/or food science. And qualify them in design and running food process operations and develop there ability for processing safety and high quality food by using a modest techniques, in ways that develop the food industries in the country and drive the wheel of the national economy.

  1. Rehabilitation and training student scientifically and practically in the field of food technology.
  2. Training students the ability and the skills needed in manufacturing and save food.
  3. Rehabilitation of the student in the field of design and operating of food manufacturing.
  4. Progress and develop their abilities to manufacture food and familiarity adjusts the quality of food.
  5. Preparation rehabilitation of the student at a technical level in the field of food processing in the field of knowledge of disciplines.
  6. Provide the students with knowledge and the scientific process for the main concerns in the field of food processing.
  7. The development of the student’s ability to self-learning and to follow developments and in the field of food engineering.
  8. The development of the student interest in studying and developing the Sudanese traditional nutrition.
  9. Rehabilitation of the student’s ability research and design technology in the field of meet, sugar, oils, dairy and others.
  10. Graduate engineers technicians are able to deal with modern technology and development.
  11. Provide students with scientific knowledge and practical for the main concern in the field of food processing.


"Preparing highest level of graduate students and researchers in the global having excellent scientific and application capability which make them able to handle modern technology and go with the diversity of food industries and food science and/or find suitable solutions for the problems that take place in this fields"

Food engineering and technology


"Effective contribution in realizing in human and economic development of the Community by preparing qualified cadres equipped with the knowledge, skills and able to deal with modern technology to compete in the labor market, and to provide researches and engineering consultancy for community service in way that developing the food industries in country and drive the wheel of the national economy."

Food engineering and technology

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