Civil Engineering Department

Work began to create the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology since 1999. And the urgent need for this specialty from the fields of engineering in the state of the island in particular where there is the largest management of agricultural projects in Africa and the consequent need for the engineering departments of irrigation ways and means of various facilities. And also on the general scope of the engineering community has suffered in Sudan, the migration process engineering cadres of the economic conditions experienced by the country, resulting in a clear lack of engineering skills in various fields which made the Civil Engineering Department necessity.

  1. Graduate civil engineer is able to:
  2. compete locally and globally
  3. decision-making to solve problems
  4. analysis and planning.
  5. design and implementation.
  6. fulfill the requirements of the Engineering Council.
  7. excellence in quality and specialization.
  8. teaching, scientific research and community service.


"Access to education, technology and engineering to the level of scientific research and the preparation of global engineering cadres equipped with the knowledge, skills and able to deal with modern technology to compete in the labor market, and to provide research and engineering consultancy for community service."

Civil Engineering


"Department of Civil Engineering aims to graduate civil engineer efficient and able to compete locally and globally by making mm each student the concepts of Civil Engineering and be masterful in his specialty and appointed mm fully conversant so that it is unable to cope with life abroad to promote the nation. Valhndsh her several civil construction fields such as engineering, construction engineering, materials engineering, space, road engineering, traffic eng"

Civil Engineering

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