Computer Engineering Department

After that popularized the use of computers in various sectors and interest of the university rode scientific progress and provide staff Muqtadir qualification, sought the university represented in the College of Science and Technology to undermine the honor predictability in this area and that was in the last quarter of 1994 suggested Dean create a partition Technology Computer Engineering to meet the growing needs of computing and information technology and be a bridge of communication with the outside world. The origins and evolution: In 1995 Touht idea was efforts and success in the first quarter of that year received section first installment, which was equivalent to installment 16 university students were the actual beginning of the acceptance by Professor Yusuf Rajab Dean and President, Dr. Ibrahim. And lasted section goes forward to change the name of the College of Science and Technology College to become the name of the Department of Computer Engineering section. Objectives: The increasing role of the section after he became mayor of computer engineering departments in the Sudan and the reference model in this area. So became compelled to be a pioneer in the field of computer engineering and networks, he put strategies absorption in the field of information technology and strategies for literacy, where the targeted engineering graduates, the program has provided specialty initial master's degree in the field of competence so as to meet developments in this area, and targeted as well as a university degree in this area and certificates secondary technical diploma programs and Vohaa mediator centers throughout the civilian world, Atbara Khartoum, Sudan, etc


"World has become a small village due to the communication, computer became very important and enters in all areas, bringing is imperative."

Computer Engineering


"Computer Department aims represented in the practical and theoretical sides to produce a cadre of qualified students to be able to deal and cope with the life process and giving them a full and comprehensive coverage of the computer in various specialties."

Computer Engineering

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